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Google Phone Locator

Google originally had a project in the works to compete directly with the likes of Whitepages, Anywho, and Yellowpages. The Google reverse phone number search was to be powered entirely by Google and include published and non-published phone numbers including cell phone numbers, but was revised considerably due to privacy concerns and low ROI projections.

What Google Phone Locator does offer today as its own telephone directory is similar to but more useful than the regular telephone directory you may be familiar with. Although the data shown is only published residential and business listings, many people find it convenient to use Google Phone’s search operators “bphonebook: phone number” for business phone number lookup, “rphonebook: phone number” for residential phone numbers, or “phonebook: phone number” if you are not sure directly from the Google search box.

As previously stated, the original plan was for Google to offer a directory where cell phone numbers could easily be searched from. This projects appears stalled too as cell phone numbers are not considered as published phone numbers at this time.


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