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Free SSN Search

January 26th 2017

Free SSN Search

We have found that the most effective means of finding a person’s social security number is by visiting (or calling) the county courthouse where the person lives.

If that person has ever been sued, arrested, convicted, voted, gotten married, etc., chances are very high that the person’s SSN will be found there.

If that doesn’t work, there are many data brokers who will obtain a person’s ssn (or a person’s date of birth) for a fee.

In the U.S., a social security number is the absolute most important “personal identifier”. Once you have someone’s ssn, your chances of finding a current street address for your subject jump to almost 100%.

A quick search using this info of the National Death Index is usually in order to determine is your people search should continue. Following that, use any of the publicly available databases like Net Detective to lookup a current address on that person. Or, use a private investigator or data broker for this people search. They will likely run a reverse ssn search against the ssn databases compiled by the major credit bureau’s for a fee.


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