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Finding People On Gmail

Guide To Finding People on Gmail Free of Charge

Most people have received email from someone they don’t know before. But before your reply, there are some ways to research who the real person may be who sent the email (without directly asking them of course).


Find the Person Behind any Email Address


Although this guide is written for finding people on Gmail free, the techniques apply to email received from any email service, not just Gmail.

To begin:

  • Locate the true origin of the of the email sender by opening the email header and recording the last IP address in the “Received From” section.
  • Lookup the geographic location of the IP address by search by using this excellent IP to location tool. This tool will give you an excellent reference as to where in the world the email actually was sent from.

An IP address is really the only thing you require to find and authenticate the location of the sender. It allows you to find the senders geographic location by email address only. Some other points to remember when looking for people on Gmail:

  • The GMail spam folder location is not easy to find. You can find your Gmail-based contacts in the People app. To find mail from a particular sender in Gmail you can use the “Search” bar.
  • Email Headers for Gmail Users – Gmail email users can utilize the Gmail email lookup feature to analyze if an email could be potential spam. The truth is that you can create personal Gmail distribution lists in a couple of easy steps by using Gmail groups. Instead of hunting through a website to find someone’s email address, this process will speed things up and help you find the address you’re looking for. You no longer need someone’s email address to send them an email.
  • Another great tips for finding people on gmail that can help you find any email address contact you need is that occasionally Gmail users may find that the email sent to themselves apparently has not been delivered. If that email address has been as a public field in the user’s Google+ profile, then you can directly lookup and locate that entry. This is a great way to find someone’s Email Address by using their First Name and Last Name only.
  • Although you can email from the Google Contact Manager, most people do it from their Gmail page. Somebody with such email address will be shown in few minutes. Gmail doesn’t include the IP address of the sender when the sender is using Gmail’s web interface to send email. Even though Gmail doesn’t have a web directory that does not mean that reverse email lookup’s are not possible for Gmail users.
  • You may not receive the result that you were looking for at first, as these are not always full proof searches and someone may be trying to deliberately keep their email a secret, but a free email search engine is usually the best way to find someone who has a Gmail address. Find the sender of the email message via Facebook network! My Contacts are people from Gmail that I have added as contacts.
  • Check whether the sender may be a person already in any of your Google+ Circles, (that information appears to the far right of their names) when you are finding people on gmail, and take a good look at all people listings in your Gmail Contacts.
  • For Gmail, the IP address from Google would have to be matched to the ISP’s records to actually find the sender. In a perfect world there a telephone number or email address to contact a support person at Gmail for this, but you can accomplish the same by setting up your master Gmail account to forward the email to your email addresses in your Google Apps account. Google does include some built-in search features that makes it more convenient to find any message you’ve received through Gmail.
  • Do you have your own tricks to find someone’s email address? Let us know and we will post it here!





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