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Find Phone Numbers

January 26th 2017

Finding Phone Numbers

If you are looking for a personal or business listed phone number, there are too many sources on the internet to list here for that. Some of the better one’s are anywho & whitepages.

If, however, you’re looking for someone’s unlisted phone number, the first place a detective would usually go is into the subject’s credit header report. Better than 70% of the time the subject will have used his/her unlisted phone number on a credit application, and bingo, there it is. If that fails, a public records search using a database tool like Lexis-Nexis can improve your chances of finding an elusive number.

And if that fails, there are plenty of sources on the internet that will find it for you, usually for less than $100. In fact, we are familiar with several detectives that have finagled direct access to the Neustar billing system, making a reverse phone search for anyone, or any number child’s play

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