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Cell Phone Numbers

January 26th 2017

Cell Phone Directory

If you are trying to identify or reverse cell numbers, it helps to first be sure the number your are tracing is actually a cellular or mobile phone number.

The reverse lookup tool found at is excellent for that purpose! It can identify the state, city, and telephone company that controls the number you are interested in. Further, this tool will plainly identify if the subject number is a landline or cellular number. is the North American Numbering Plan Administration, and is responsible for the assignment of telephone numbers to phone companies in the U.S., Canada, and U.S. territories. They also have very helpful phone-related resources at their site that can help you determine is the number you are searching is a valid cell phone number, or a landline or voip number.

The ultimate reverse cell phone directory when it comes to mobile phone numbers, unlisted numbers, pager numbers, 800 toll-free numbers or anything else telephone number related is NeuStar, Inc. Neustar keeps track of the billing information (name and address, etc.) in real time for every active and recently disconnected telephone number in the U.S. and Canada! Of course, this ultimate reverse phone directory is off-limits to the general public. But if you happen to know someone who is registered there a a telcom provider, it is a simple task to rapidly get the account owner’s information for any cell phone number.

Cellular carriers today are increasingly under fire by privacy groups regarding the custodianship of their customer’s account records. For the last ten years or so, obtaining someone’s confidential wireless call records has been as simple as contacting one of the hundreds of private investigators or information brokers online.

The public availability to, easy and relatively cheap information searches like these are likely to change in the near future – and to a major degree has already.

Professional privacy groups like and are pushing hard for legislation to criminalize the procurement of telephone information. These groups are typically extremely organized, well-funded, and generally well-intentioned. Their postion on telephone privacy can be referenced here.

In essence, they opine that Verizon, Cingular, Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, AT&T and the other main cellular providers are not doing enough to ensure that your precious account information is being safeguarded.


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