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Cell Phone Lookup

January 26th 2017

Cell Phone Number Look Up Options


Cell Phone LookupMost people today will use a cell phone number as their only telephone contact number.

It used to be difficult and very expensive to get the name and address associated with a cell phone number, but that has changed. Online databases with “direct-dip” access to account billing records have replaced tedious pretexting as the method of choice for fast and accurate identification of cellular numbers nationwide.

The time and effort that an investigator had to exert to acquire the phone number ownership information has been thankfully automated to the point where many cell phone lookup databases can identify a cell phone number for as little as $.99.

For those still interested in saving a buck, a free cell phone number lookup is still possible. Since practically everyone has a cell phone today and use that cell number as their primary contact number, many reverse phone lookup & free white pages sites may have the information you are looking for free.

It’s been over a decade now since privacy advocates thwarted the creation of a national cell phone directory, but the good news is that some sites will even offer a service to reverse cell phone lookup by name, which is very handy if you have lost someone’s cell number and wish to contact them.

And many other reverse phone lookup sites will provide free of charge a cell phone carrier lookup search that will reveal the city and state the phone number is located.

For brand-new or pay-as-you go cell phone accounts, you will probably have to enlist the assistance of a licensed private investigator to acquire this information for you. Or, if all you have is a person’s name and address, they will then search all cellular companies to locate that person’s mobile phone number for you. There is a substantial fee for this of course, but it is the only way to acquire this information without a very expensive lawsuit.

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